SUT10S8007-30 Daikin Hybrid Super Unit System Single Pump Inverter Hydraulic Unit

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Part Number: SUT10S8007-30

This super unit incorporates the multi-stage pressure/flow rate control system as well as the functions of conventional hydraulic units, which results in use of a reduced number of valves.


The high-efficiency IPM motor drive system that utilise the Daikin original air conditioning motor and inverter technologies provides a high energy-saving ratio of up to 50%


Four or sixteen pressure (P) - flow rate (Q) setting patterns are available for cylinder control


Reduced shock during flow rate or pressure changes


Low noise level of 60dB (A) and the noise level of 73dB (A) or less even in full-operation areas.


Multi-stage P-Q remote control by communication (Function: -C)


The Super Unit and main machine can be remotely controlled with the same panel. This function eliminates complicated individual operations and installation space limitations. 

Maximum flow rate (L/min) 83.0
Maximum operating pressure (MPa) 7.0
Operating flow rate adjustment range (L/min) 11.6 to 83.0
Operating pressure adjustment range (MPa) 1.5 to 7.0
Motor Capacity 7.0kW
Power Supply 3-phase, 200V/50Hz, 200V/60Hz, 200V/60Hz
Rated Current (A) 25.5 (200V/50Hz), 24.8 (200V/60Hz), 22.7 (220/60Hz)
Main Power Supply Breaker Setting 50A
External Input Signal 5 Channels
External Output Signal 2 Digital, 1 Contact
Tank Capacity 100L
Weight 131kg
Hydraulic Oil Dedicated mineral hydraulic oil/wear-resistant hydraulic oil
Viscosity Grade ISO VG32 to 68
Viscosity Range 15 to 400 mm2/s
Pollution Degree NAS10 or lower
Operating Hydraulic Oil Temperature 0 to 60°C (recommended range 15 to 50°C)
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage Ambient Temperature -20 to 60°C
Operating Ambient Humidity 85% RH Max (No Condensation)