SUT10D80 Core Pull Hybrid Hydraulic Power Pack

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Part Number: SUT10D80_954L214MPA

Hybrid Hydraulic Power Packs for All-Electric Injection Molding Machines


No Cooling Water Required

Up to 63% in Energy Savings

Servo Controlled Hydraulics On Demand

Energy Miser, Closed Loop, On-board Controller

Quiet Operation at 60dBA

Unlimited Number of Valves for Cores, Valve Gates, Ejectors, Etc.


Whichever All-Electric IMM you run, we can help you tool up.


As many plastic injection machine manufacturers move toward all-electric designs, there remains one very important part of the machine that continues to use old technology - a "core pull/set" system.

Approximately 30% of all machines use a core pull/set cylinder, rack system unwind motor, valve-gate, knockouts or other auxillary function in the mold to achieve the desired cavity details.


The basis of the technology is that motor speed is controlled by an electric inverter, so it rotates only fast enough to meet system demand. When the operating cylcle calls for a dwell period, the motor automatically slows down to less than 200RPM and maintains the desired pressure. Once a drop is sensed by an on-board pressure transducer, the motor accelerates to full speed in 0.1 second.


This is accomplished using patented motor design from Daikin, which provides the hybrid hydraulic technology. These systems were originally designed for machine tools over 10 years ago and many Asian CNC machinery manufacturers are using the technology  as standard today with great success.


Using Hybrid technology, the system does not require cooling water, and will save a measurable amount of energy and operate at a 60-70dBa noise level.


These units are that successful that several of the plastic injection moulding machine manufacturers have accepted this technology and offer the Daikin Hybrid systems for core/pull set to their customers.


The Hybrid hydraulic systems deliver up to 22GPM and are rated for pressure up to 3,000PSI.


Additional to the core units there are a wide variety of modular components and kits used to build a system just the way you want it


You are able to choose any combination from the following items on the menu:


Directional Valves

1, 2, 3 or 4 Directional Valves on an Aluminium Manifold (SAE O-Ring Ports)

24VDC with Lighted DIN Connectors

Closed Centre Spool - Cylinders

Motor Spool for Unwind Tool or Load Holding

Load Holding Dual Port Check Valve Module

Independent Dual Port Flow Control Module

Pressure Reducing Module on "P" Port


Wheel Kit

4 Wheel Swivel Casters on 1" Steel Tubing Frame


Electrical Terminal Box

Standard terminal strip box allows simple wiring of your system interface

Up to 2 Valves, 3 Digital Input Signals to the SUT including the Remote Start/Stop feature and the (2) P/Q bits for choosing P/Q profiles

Separate Control Cable and Power Cable with Flying Leads (208-230VAC 3-phase)

Maximum flow rate (L/min) 95.4
Maximum operating pressure (MPa) 21.38
Motor capacity (kW) 6.7
Tank Volume 68L
Size 63.5 (W) x 91.44 (L) x 116.84 (H)
Directional Valves Unlimited (D05 or D08 size)