Raremax Super Kyodo Yushi Grease Cartridge (400g)

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Kyodo Yushi RareMax Super - RMS-4V

The Raremax Super grease is well regarded globally for its excellent performance and is broadly applied to various bearings as a defacto standard for ball bearing grease.

The main applications and applicable components is small to large industrial motors including blower motors and pump motors operating in environments at -40°C - 180°C.

Recommended especially for motor bearing grease by motor manufacturers.

The characteristics of Raremax Super:

High-temperature Long-life
Uses synthetic hydrocarbon oil, which excels in heat resistance and oxidation stability, and specially purified mineral oil as its base oil. The grease uses urea-based thickener, resulting in excellent stability at high temperature. The thickener, unlike soap-based thickeners, is free from oxidation catalysis derived from metals which help oxidative deterioration of base oil.