Omega 85 Shear Sensation Plus All Purpose Grease (NBU-15 equivalent)

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Part Number: Omega85SSP

Omega 85 "Shear Sensation Plus" (SSP) all-purpose grease is an improved version of unique and continuing Omega research into the development of a single grease to meet virtually any automotive and industrial application. "Shear Sensation Plus" (SSP) is an improved formulation and features the same phenomenal shear stability that remains unmatched by any ordinary grease! and is a perfect alternative to Kluber NBU-15 grease at a fraction of the cost.

Omega 85 "Shear Sensation Plus" (SSP) features an improved dropping point in excess of 520°F (270°C) for the NLGI # 2 grade coupled with the legendary continuously-effective Extreme Pressure performance and thermally-stable base oil. Omega 85 SSP continues to be eminently suited for prolonged superlative lubrication performance at elevated temperatures.
Due to the especially improved high quality base oil used and good penetration properties built into Omega 85, it retains its excellent low temperature lubrication characteristics.