Multemp SRL Kyodo Yushi Ball Bearing Grease

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Kyodo Yushi Multemp SRL

The Multemp SRL is a wide temperature bearing grease with excellent low noise properties and a wide operating temperature range.

Low Noise Characteristics

Removal of impurities from main raw materials and use of special additives and base oil of appropriate viscosity, as well as a specialised process in a dust-free factory enables running of bearings.

High Temperature Performance

Several times longer life performance tha other grease on the market. Usable in bearings running at high temperature for long periods and under normal conditions achieves significant extension to the intervals of grease refilling and bearing replacement.

Low Temperature Performance

The combination of special synthetic lubricating oils and the structure designed to minimise internal flow resistance extended the lower temperature limit to as low as -50ºC, eliminating concerns around the low temperature starting performance of precision machinery and small-size motors.

Anti-Rust Properties

Enhanced anti-rust properties ensure protection not only from moisture but also from salt water and varnish, which often cause rust concerns for auto electrical components and electric motors.