LS-G02-9CA-30-EN Daikin Low Watt Solenoid Valve

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Part Number: LS-G02-9CA-30-EN

This Daikin low watt solenoid operated valve adopts a low watt coil (DC 5W, AC 12W) and you can drive directly by means of programmable sequence controller due to the low current characteristics.

The maximum operating pressure is 7MPa (kgf/cm2) and the maximum flow rate is 30 litres per minute.

Model No LS
Hydraulic Connections G (Gasket attached type)
Nominal Diameter 02 (1/4)
Spool Method 20B (Spring off-set type with SOLb)
Voltage A (AC100V 50Hz AC110V 60Hz)
Design Number 30
Electrical Connections No Mark (terminal box type)