GKL-1-50 Daikin Kyodo Yushi DL-1 Uni Reservoir Grease

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Part Number: GKL-1-50

Daikin GKL-1-50 DL-1T Kyodo Yushi Grease

The DL-1T Daikin GKL-1-50 Lubmax grease cartridges are used on machine tool centralised lubrication systems. The cartridges are use on the Daikin LUBMAX system and the grease is manufactured by Kyodo Yushi. The Daikin DL-1T GKL-1-50 grease cartridges are great for low temperature applications. As you can see from the images, these are concerina style cartridges.

  • Mineral Oil
  • 500g Cartridge Size
  • Viscosity - 12.5 at 100℃,
  • Light Brown / Yellow Colour
  • 30℃ and 130℃ Temperature Range