Excelite EP No 2 Kyodo Yushi All Purpose Grease

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Part Number: ExceliteEP02


Excelite EP No 2 is an all-purpose grease, it uses medium viscosity purified mineral oil, a special EP agent as the base oil and Urea as the thickener.

The characteristics of the Excelite EP No 2 are:

Heat Resistance
The Urea-based thickener contributes to a longer service life in high temperature environments

Water Resistance
Even a harsh condition under environment in the presence of water, the grease functions with no softening due to shear.

Extreme Pressure Property
The EP agent selected carefully enables usage under high-load conditions

The viscosity of the grease enables high pumpability, which is why it is used in central lubricating systems.

The Excelite EP No 2 is used for general industrial machinery. It is recommended for lubrication points and sliding parts. It provides high resistance to heat and water and has excellent load-carrying capacity.

Thickener Urea
Base oil Mineral oil
Working penetration 280 (using ASTM D 217)
Service temperature range −20°C - 200°C