EHU250740N903 Daikin Eco-Rich Hydraulic Unit

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Part Number: EHU250740N903

"Eco-Rich", a hybrid hydraulic system that realised the world's first fusion of hydraulics technology with Daikin's exceptional air conditioning motor/inverter technology, has been a trend setter for energy saving in the hydraulics field and is why the "Eco-Rich" has been fitted as standard on a significant number of CNC machine tools from the biggest manufacturers in the industry.


This latest model range has incorporated a highly efficient IPM motor, which significantly improves the energy savings and low heat generation allowing even greater factory energy savings. In fact the power consumption has been reduced by an additional 30% with the IPM motor surpassing IE4 class. The oil temperature is also reduced by an additional 5 degrees.


The new units are also more compact and lightweight than their predecessors with the footprint being reduced by 9% on all models and the weight being reduced by up to 40%.

Pump Operating Flow Rate (L/min) 3.5 to 25.1
Operating Pressure Adjustment Range 1.5 to 7.0
Motor Capacity 2.2kW
Power Supply AC 3-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz
Height 484mm
Width 432mm
Depth 328mm
Tank Capacity 18L
Weight (kg) 29


Eco-Rich Spare Parts

SB-SP2361-01 Daikin Eco-Rich Hydraulic Unit Pump

SB-SP2361-01 Daikin Eco-Rich Hydraulic Unit Pump


This hydraulic pump is fitted on a wide range of Daikin Eco-Rich hydraulic units.

SB-PP04161-01 Daikin Oil Cooler and Fan Assembly


This oil cooler and fan assembly is for the EHU 40 series Eco-Rich units.

PMMAEZDZ2-10-3L11-Z Daikin Eco-Rich Hydraulic Unit Motor


This motor for the EHU 40 series Eco-Rich units.