Citrax EP No 1 Kyodo Yushi Grease Cartridge (400g)

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Part Number: Citrax EP No 1



Citrax EP No 1 grease by Kyodo Yushi is a multi-purpose grease made mainly from refined mineral oil and lithium soap with EP additives containing no toxic heavy metals which are regulated as noxious industrial wastes.

Citrax EP No 1 is excellent in heat-resistance, water-resistance and EP property as well as mechanical stability, and suitable for general application and sliding surfaces.

The Citrax EP No 1 grease has a service temperature range of between-20℃ and 130℃, uses Lithium Soap as the thickener, mineral oil as the base oil and has base oil kinematic viscosity (100℃) of 15.6mm2/s using the test method ASTM D445.

Although the majority of our customer that purchase this grease have Mazak machines, the Citrax EP concertina grease cartridges are fitted on a range CNC machine tools and we have it in stock and ready to ship.

We supply the Citrax EP No 1 either by individual concertina grease cartridge or in cases of twenty. There is discount availabile if you do want order a full case of twenty cartridges.

We also have in stock a wide range of grease cartridges for your machine tool, including the LHL-X100-7 LUBE grease cartridges also fitted on Mazak CNC machine tools, and several other Kyodo Yushi grease cartridges like Citrax EP No 0, Citrax EP No 2, Excelite, Multemp LRL, Multemp PS No 2 and Multemp SRL as well as greases by Showa, THK, Omega and Daikin.

As well as the Citrax EP No 1 the Kyodo Yushi's products evolve from their extensive research and development, are produced using the latest production equipment under strict quality control, and they market a wide range of products suitable for all industries such as steel industry, automotive and industrial machinery, to familiar household items.