ACU-A-1-B-1-B-1-A-1 Daikin ClampMax Work Holding Hydraulic Unit

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Part Number: ACU-A-1-B-1-B-1-A-1

Why ClampMAX?


The ClampMAX system is available in many configurations to meet your work-holding requirements. Daikin and IFM have partnered together to bring you smart devies that are IOT ready.

These components help to minimise labour costs to build and simplify troubleshooting for your maintenance team. The systems can offer you up to six separate valve operations on one unit, and can offer individual or both "A" and "B" pressure lie monitoring.


The ClampMAX units make use of "Booster Technology" which is an in-stack type hydraulic booster. This configuration boosts the line pressure only in the "A" port minimising leakage potential while increasing safety and operation. These devices come in both holding pressure type for no-leak holding, or auto-venting for zero line energy when the system is shut down. Booster-type systems come with a pressure type in-line 10 micron filter to ensure clean oil in your system. Th operating ranges using the booster technology up to 35MPa (500PSI). With ClampMAX we can offer models which can have increased flow rates and up to 23.5MPa (3000PSI) without the booster technology.


The most impressive feature of the ClampMAX system is the hybrid hydraulics technology which is a key component for why ClampMAX is so great. The unit controls motor speed through the use of an inverter control system on board the unit. This provides a quiet and low temperature operating system which is energy efficient, drawing less than 0.5amp while holding pressure. Is your current system able to do that today? An IPM motor can generate high torque at low RPM. This is the reason we can draw such low power and maintain pressure.




Keypad Adjustments


Daikin Hybrid Hydraulic Units are the only cost-effective units in the world that can be adjusted through an easy-to-use keypad design located on the front of the unit. The keypad HMI that lets the user manually adjust pressure and flow settings on each machine for unparalleled efficiency. Previous and potential failures are easy to monitor through the use of the keypad as a diagnostic tool. The keypad monitors (N) parameters and uses smart technology to alert the user of any problems or failures. The unit will even shut itself down if a catastrophic failure occurs, drastically reducing maintenance times.


Alarm Codes


With the Hybrid system, electricity consumption and various information is internally monitored at all times, meaning there is no need for periodic inspections. For greater mobility, alarm readouts can be transferred straight from the unit to a laptop or tablet with USB ports. Triggered alarm codes tell you exactly the reason for maintenance and how the problem can be resolved.

These features greatly contribute to the reduction of man-hours for inspection and corrections.Through these methods, downtime is minimal as long as the user correct the problems by taking the appropriate preventative action.


Hybrid-Win Programming


Hybrid-Win is utility software to monitor the internal statue of Daikin hybrid systems using a PC. The software and its instruction manual can be downloaded from the website "" free of charge by completing the user registration process. This PC utility reads data from Daikin hybrid systems and manages it. Parameter setting and monitoring can be accomplished efficiently using the Windows application. Special cables are required.


The pressure, flow rate, and other internal data of the inverter can be monitored and displayed in graph form. This facilitates operation checks during test runs, adjustment of parameters such as time constants and troubleshooting.


The time required for set-up can be slashed by editing the parameter settings on the PC and writing them to the unit in a batch. The ability to read and save settings facilitates management. To speed up your readings, you can program the software to save the alarm history. This function enables quick identification of the parts that require maintenance and reduction of downtime. The operating time display can serve as the guide for the timing to replace consumable parts or to conduct maintenance.

Troubleshooting information including the diagnosis results of the cause of an alarm and action to be taken can be displayed.




ENERGY - Lower energy consumption through advanced inverter technology provides longer unit life, reduced energy cost, and sustainable savings. Average reduction of 60-70%.


HEAT - A reduction of heat generation creates longer life for machine components and reduces ambient work space temperatures, resulting in air conditioning demand and fewer opportunities for overheating. Average reduction from 104°F to 70°F.


OIL - Conventional hydraulic units require larger capacity tanks to dissipate heat than the Daikin hybrid units, which reduce oil disposal. Average reduction 33-80%. 


NOISE - The noise reduction creates a more comfortable and safe work environment. Average reduction 75dBA to 50dBA.


STOCK - Compatibility and adaptability creates less need for on-hand stock, as Daikin power units work as a drop-in replacement for the vast majority of hydraulic pump and motor assemblies within the industrial industry.

Maximum Flow (No Load) 15L/min
Maximum Flow (Under Pressure) 2.2L/min
Operating Pressure Adjustment Range 0-23.5MPa
Flow Adjustment Range 0-15.0L/min
Motor Capacity 2.2kW
Power Rating 3 phase, AC200V (50Hz), 200V (60Hz), 220V (60Hz)
Pump Current Rating 4.7A (AC200V 50Hz), 4.5A (AC200 60Hz), 4.3A (AC220 60Hz)
No Fuse Breaker Capacity 15A
External Input Signal 3 channels, photo coupler insulation, DC24V, (Max of 27VDC, 5mA per channel)
External Output Signal Digital Output (1 channel, photo coupler insulation, open collector output DC24V, 50mA maximum per channel
External Output Signal Contact Output (1 channel, relay output, contact capacity: DC30V, 1A (resistance load), 1 common contact
Usable Oil Mineral - oil base hydraulic oil viscosity grade ISO VG32-VG68
Tank Oil Temperature 0 to 60°C (recommended operating temperature range 15 to 50°C)
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage Ambient Temperature -20 to 60°C
Humidity 85% RH maximum (no condensation)
Altitude 1000 metres maximum
Number of Valves 2
Power Required for each AC100V Valve Starting amps 2.4A, holding current 0.51A, holding power 21.5W
Power Required for each AC200V Valve Starting amps 1.21A, holding current 0.26A, holding power 21.5W
Power Required for each DC24V Valve Starting amps -, holding current 1.22A, holding power 29.2W
Manifold Material Aluminium
Port Size -8 SAE A and B Ports
Number of Digital Pressure Switches 2
Valve Actuation Standard unit: Double solenoid, 24VDC coils, closed centre when de-energised. Custom options available on request